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Firearms Instructors


“Certification” as a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
Firearms Instructors who have successfully completed firearms instructor training can submit an application for recognition as a Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor. Once approved by MPOETC, instructors are authorized to conduct annual qualifications for active duty and retired law enforcement officers in Pennsylvania.  Instructors who wish to be listed publicly (as annotated on the application form) will be added to the RLEIA Firearms Instructor list. Instructors are responsible for locating and obtaining approval to use a range appropriate for conducting qualifications.  Instructors are required to issue standardized qualification cards and are authorized to charge a fee for conducting qualifications.
Ordering Qualification Cards
Instructors must obtain qualification cards from MPOETC by completing a request form and submitting it with a certified check or money order (payable to the Commonwealth of PA) for $2.00 per card requested. Based on recent delivery issues, we recommend instructors track their package through the USPS when submitting card requests and follow-up with an email to to let us know you order has been mailed.

Before Qualification
Instructors should keep blank copies of the Retired Officer Concealed Carry Acknowledgement Form on hand in the event retired officers do not bring one with them.  Once the retired officer has completed the acknowledgement form, instructors should record the required information on the qualification card and have the officer sign the qualification card.  Before allowing the retired officer to fire, provide refresher training on safe firearms handling procedures and the general principles of justification.
Have the retired officer complete the required qualification course of fire.  Once the retired officer has successfully completed the course of fire, document the required information on the acknowledgement form (make/model/ammo) and sign the form.  Remind the retired officer of their responsibility to take the qualification card to the Sheriff’s Office for a confirmation number.
Within 30 days of conducting the qualification, instructors must forward a copy of the completed acknowledgement form to MPOETC.  Instructors are required to retain a copy of the completed acknowledgement for at least one year from the date the qualification was conducted.
• Scanned copies of completed forms should be emailed to
NOTE: The current version of the form removes the requirement to keep and provide a separate log of qualifications. 
Replacement Cards
Instructors can replace qualification cards that have been lost, stolen, destroyed, mutilated, or are illegible.  The retired officer must complete a new acknowledgement form and the instructor should complete a new qualification card.  The new qualification card will contain the same information as the original and will expire on the original date.  Instructors should annotate “replacement” under course/rounds fired.  Instructors can charge a fee to the retired officer for replacing qualification cards.

Firearms instructors who no longer wish to be included on the list should send an email to
requesting removal from the list.