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The Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) was statutorily created by Act 120 of 1974 (53 P.S. 740-749) in response to a federal study urging improved standards and goals in police training. The Commission was charged with establishing and administering the Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Program, and responsibility for administration of the program was given to the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP). The MPOETC staff:

  • Oversees the training and certification requirements of municipal police officers under Act 120. Officers require certification by the Commission prior to enforcing the Crimes Code, moving violations of the Vehicle Code, or carrying a firearm.
  • Conducts annual inspections of certified academies that deliver municipal police officer training programs and investigates academies failing to comply with regulatory standards.
  • Oversees certification of the certified municipal police instructors who provide basic and in-service instruction through certified academies.
  • Administers the Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE) program which provides police departments and individual officers several options to satisfy their 12-hour annual in-service training requirement. MPOETC normally develops some courses and reviews, approves, and tracks additional CLEE courses that have been recommended by the Chiefs of Police and certified training academies as elective training.
  • Administers the Lethal Weapons Training Act (LWTA) program for the Pennsylvania State Police in accordance with Act 235 of 1974, which requires anyone carrying a lethal weapon (as defined in the Act) in conjunction with his or her employment, unless exempted, to receive training and meet certification requirements.
  • Conducts annual inspections of the certified schools conducting LWTA classes and investigates schools failing to comply with regulations. 
  • Oversees certification of certified LWTA schools and instructors providing basic and refresher training through certified LTWA schools.
  • Administers aspects of Retired Law Enforcement Officers Identification Act (RLEIA) including certifying firearms instructors, managing qualification cards, tracking annual qualifications, processing money orders, and logging Instructor and Sheriff Office reports.


Commission Members:

Robert Evanchick - Jacob A. Bierling, Jr. - Richard M. Bosco - Bart E. Burne, Ed.D. - Robert J. Carroll - Christopher J. Delozier - Beth Dombrowsky - Stewart J. Greenleaf - Douglas E. Grimes - Barry J. Jozwiak - William J. Kelly - Richard W. Long, Esq. - Guy A. Salerno - Ronald L. Stern - Christopher M. Werner