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Use of Force and Control Tactics

In response to ACT 59 requirements, the Commission approved the 2022 Use of Force and Control Tactics courses that were combined and will continue as training conducted by individual police departments in a similar manner as the Firearms and First Aid/CPR qualifications.  Therefore, the 2023 departmental Use of Force and Control Tactics training will not have associated credit hours. Officers will still need to complete their annual 12 credit in-service training. 

2022 Control Tactics Makeup

Any officer that did not complete the required 2022 MIST course, 22-302 Control Tactics in 2022, will have the ability to complete a make-up course in 2023.

ONLY MPOETC approved Temporary MIST Instructors for the Control Tactics course or MPOETC approved Academy Control Tactics Instructors will be able to instruct this course.

The 2022 MIST course, 22-301 Use of Force, is a pre-requisite course.  The student officer MUST take this course online through PAVTN prior to taking 22-302 Control Tactics. Student officers should provide the instructor with proof of completion of the 22-301 Use of Force course prior to instruction of the Control Tactics course.

How to document the 2022 Control Tactics Makeup Course:

  • In TACS, enter it as a CLEE course: CLEE ID #: CLE01713, 2022 Control Tactics (Makeup).
  • Email
    • Subject line: 2022 Control Tactics (Makeup)
    • Message should include officer's name, certification number, and a request to update the status of the 2022 MIST training hours
    • Attach the completed and signed copy of the 22-302 Control Tactics Roster

2023 Departmental Use of Force and Control Tactics Requirements

Beginning in 2023 and moving forward, Use of Force and Control Tactics will be required annually and must be completed through the police department. Departments will be required to use a MPOETC-approved Control Tactics instructor for the annual training.

To document the 2023 Use of Force and Control Tactics in TACS, enter it as a CLEE course, CLEE ID #: CLE01714, 2023 Use of Force and Control Tactics. The CLEE Data Entry Directions document provides guidance on how to enter a CLEE course for multiple officers in TACS.

The following documents will need to be accessed by departments in order to conduct their Use of Force and Control Tactics training:

The following documents pertain to instructor requirements for Use of Force and Control Tactics:

Refer to the Use of Force and Control Tactics Frequently Asked Questions for addtional information.  You may also submit questions to