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Officer Firearms Requirements

NOTE TO OFFICERS: Title 37 §203.52 (b) (1) (i) states that “a weapon may not be carried on duty for which the officer has not qualified.”

Firearms Standards

MPOETC has established and published minimum standards for annual firearms qualifications in the Officer Firearms Requirement document below.  In addition to the minimum standards, MPOETC highly encourages instructors to use the standardized qualification courses of fire listed below.  These courses of fire are required for graduation from the basic municipal police academy but also serve as good baseline for annual qualifications.

Adverse Light Qualification Course of Fire
Shotgun Qualification Course of Fire
Patrol Rifle Qualification Course of Fire

Municipal Police Instructors

Municipal Police Instructors (MPI-Firearms) are certified by MPOETC in two-year increments (renewable) and authorized to conduct firearms training at certified municipal police academies. Individuals wishing to be MPI-Firearms certified by MPOETC must be employed by a certified police academy and the certified police academy must submit the request for certification.

Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors are certified indefinitely by MPOETC to conduct annual qualifications for law enforcement officers who were previously trained and qualified on a particular weapon system.  Individuals who have successfully completed formal training as a law enforcement/police firearms instructor and wish to be certified by MPOETC as a Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor should submit an application with supporting documents as stated on the application form.

Application for Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor
Certified Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor List