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Partial Waivers of Training (Act 165 of 2012)

Act 165 of 2012 gave the Commission authority to grant partial training waivers to federal and military law enforcement officers who meet certain training and experience requirements.  The waiver program is being refined as described below. 

Former federal and military applicants will no longer take an academic assessment test to determine eligibility for a partial waiver.  Instead, interested applicants may provide specific supporting documents to the Commission for verification of required training and experience.  Applicants who meet the minimum standards will be permitted to apply to attend a condensed basic training course, while applicants who do not meet the minimum standards for training and experience will be required to attend the full-length basic training course.  Application to the police academy is the same in both cases and is handled by the police academy offering the specific course.  To be eligible for the condensed basic training course, applicants must provide training certificates and records of employment that show they meet the standards below.

Training  – Must have completed a cumulative total of no less than 760 hours of basic and in-service law enforcement training and must have successfully completed a law enforcement training course resulting in certification as a law enforcement officer authorized to carry a firearm and make arrests.

Service  – Must have served at least two (2) years of full-time duty as a law enforcement officer within the past seven (7) years and must be eligible for employment as a law enforcement officer.  This excludes corrections officers but may include non "police" functions such as federal and state park rangers, game commissions, sheriffs and deputies, and military and federal law enforcement functions, etc.  Service is considered full-time at a minimum of 32 hours per week.  Full-time service need not be continuous nor be with a single agency.

The condensed basic training course is approximately four (4) weeks long, compared to the twenty-three (23) week long full-length course, addresses the same topics, and requires the same level of performance on academics and skills as the full-length basic training course.  The cost of the short course is significantly less than the cost of the full-length course and currently there is also optional on-site lodging during the academy.  Cadets who successfully complete the condensed basic training course meet the minimum training standards for Act 120 certification and will be permitted to take the statewide certification exam.  Cadets who are unable to successfully complete the condensed basic training course will be required to complete the full-length basic training course for municipal police certification. 

The condensed basic training course will be held from January 11 - February 5, 2021 at the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Academy.

Interested applicants should send scanned copies of training certificates, proof of service, and an Application for Waiver Assessment (Form MPO-225), to (attention Director of Training).  Please mark the subject line of the email "Waiver Request."