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Partial Waivers of Training (Act 165 of 2012)

The Municipal Police Officers’ Education & Training Commission (Commission) considers requests from federal law enforcement officers and military police officers seeking a partial waiver of the training required for certification as a municipal police officer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Approval of a partial waiver of basic municipal police officer training is determined on a case-by-case basis when the following eligibility criteria are met:
Federal Law Enforcement Officer – Any individual with documented proof of completion of one of the following law enforcement training programs and active service as a criminal investigator or uniformed police officer with federal arrest powers (excludes federal corrections functions):
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) 
  • Uniformed Police Training Program (FLETC)
  • Criminal Investigator Training Program (FLETC)
  • Rural Police Training Program (FLETC)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (LETC)

 Military Police Officer – Any individual with documented proof of completion of one of the following law enforcement training programs and active service as a military police officer, criminal investigator, or special agent in the United States Armed Services (excludes military corrections functions): 

  • United States Military Police School (Army Military Police) 
  • United States Military Police School (Army CID)
  • Naval Technical Training Center (Navy Master at Arms)
  • Air Force Security Forces Academy (USAF Security Forces)
  • Air Force Special Investigations Academy (USAF OSI)
  • Military Police Instructor Company (Marines Military Police)
  • Maritime Law Enforcement Academy (Coast Guard MLEO)

Application: As part of a complete revision of the Act 120 Basic Municipal Police Training Curriculum, the waiver process has been modified and now includes an academic assessment to determine what training each eligible individual requires.  The first step in requesting a waiver is to complete an application on the Commission's website using the Training and Certification System (TACS).  

Please follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to apply for the assessment test. If you are eligible based on your law enforcement training and experience, you will be approved to attend the assessment test held at:

MPOETC, 8002 Bretz Dr, Harrisburg, PA 17112 (click for map and directions)

The results of the assessment test will be used to determine what required training can be waived and what training will be required.  Once you have received the results of the assessment you will need to contact a certified police academy to accomplish any required training, after which you will be eligible to attempt the state-mandated certification examination.
Instructions for applying:
  1. Navigate to the Training and Certification System.
  2. Log in as a First Time User in the upper login box.  If TACS recognizes your information, you will be directed to log in to your existing profile.  Once you are logged in, select the Home Act 120 button and then the Certification Exam Application.  Scroll down to select “Start Application”.
  3. Select the “Federal/Military Partial Waiver Assessment Test” with the appropriate date as the test/exam you wish to attend.  Do not select any dates other than those marked Federal/Military since you are not eligible for those dates.
  4. On the next tab, upload proof of law enforcement training (academy diploma or grade sheet signed by academy director) in the "Academy Diploma" section.
  5. Upload your proof of active service as a law enforcement officer (SF-50 or DD-214) in the "Full time Employment Confirmation Letter" section.
  6. Upload a scanned copy of the completed Application for Waiver Assessment form in the "Supporting Documents" section.
  7. Pay the one-time examination fee (this will be refunded if you are not eligible for testing).
  8. Certify and Submit the application once you have completed all requested information