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​Control Tactics

This page provides police departments and academies information related to "Defensive Tactics", which are the techniques used to assist an officer in the performance of arrest and restraint, and to increase the margin of safety for both the officer and the suspect.

Historically the basic curriculum block called "Defensive Tactics" was focused on unarmed tactics used to interact with both resistant and aggressive individuals, while separate blocks of instruction taught officers how to handcuff and transport prisoners, as well as the risks associated with people in custody.  Instruction on less lethal weapons and use of force by law enforcement officers were contained in other areas of the curriculum.

Basic Academy Control Tactics 

Beginning in early 2022, all of these topics will be restructured under a single volume titled "Control Tactics".  While this volume teaches essentially the same skills that have always been taught, the focus of the entire volume is on the use of appropriate levels of non-lethal force to safely control situations when law enforcement officers are interacting with members of the public.  For more information please visit the Control Tactics Basic page.

In-Service Control Tactics

In the fall of 2020, MPOETC began development of in-service training to share Control Tactics material with certified officers throughout the state.  In 2022, two of the four MIST courses required by the Commission will be related to this topic.  One of the courses will review the legal concepts and issues that impact the use of force and use of deadly force in law enforcement today.  The other course will provide practical use of force application and will provide practical demonstrations of simple control techniques that officers will practice as they interact with instructors.  For more information please visit the Control Tactics MIST page.