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Continuing Law Enforcement Education

Approved CLEE Courses

MPOETC Approved CLEE Courses contains a list of courses approved by MPOETC for CLEE Credit during the current Recertification Cycle. For information on a specific course, please call or email the designated point of contact.

If a law enforcement course is not currently approved it can be submitted for consideration by MPOETC Academy Directors, and Commercial Training Vendors using the steps below. For additional information about CLEE, please refer to CLEE Frequently Asked Questions.

Requesting CLEE Approval

There have been several recent legislative changes regarding training for law enforcement officers in Pennsylvania.  While working to determine future mandatory training courses for police officers, MPOETC is not currently accepting new CLEE course applications from external training vendors.  We anticipate soliciting new course proposals after January 1, 2021 and will update the information on our website accordingly.