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Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE)

2022 Update

Due to additional requirements established by Act 59 of 2020, all 12 hours of MPOETC-developed in-service training will be required for all certified officers in 2022.  Act 120 certified municipal police officers will not be able to substitute CLEE courses for their required annual training hours.  

Because no CLEE hours can be substituted for required training, MPOETC will not be renewing or approving new CLEE courses in 2022. Officers may attend other training, such as previously approved active CLEE courses (MPOETC Approved CLEE Courses), but officers will not be able to substitute CLEE credit for the annual 12-hour training requirement in 2022.

MPOETC will be evaluating both the MIST and CLEE training programs during 2022 to ensure we are providing the most appropriate training for our law enforcement officers throughout the Commonwealth.  By mid-2022 the Commission will publish new guidance to explain how the CLEE program will be utilized moving forward.

Additional information and updates will be posted here on the website’s CLEE webpage.