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Continuing Law Enforcement Education (CLEE)

CLEE courses are elective courses conducted by various MPOETC-certified police academies and commercial training providers that can be taken and credited towards an Act 120 certified officer’s annual in-service training requirement. In order to be approved for CLEE credit, CLEE courses must provide instruction on new or advanced skills. Therefore, courses that address basic academy-level skills, department level policies, annual refreshers, and/or requalification will not be approved for CLEE credit.

For additional information about CLEE, refer to CLEE Frequently Asked Questions

Approved CLEE Courses

MPOETC Approved CLEE Courses contains a list of courses approved by MPOETC for CLEE Credit for the current year. Because the approved list of courses is updated frequently (courses are added and removed), referring to the MPOETC Approved CLEE Courses document is recommended. For information on a specific course, contact the designated point of contact.

Requesting CLEE Approval

If a law enforcement course is not currently approved for CLEE credit it can be submitted for consideration by ONLY either a MPOETC-Certified Academy or a Commercial Training Provider completing and submitting the required documentation below: 

The MPOETC training staff will conduct their review/approval process of the course once all required documentation has been received. 

Refer to the CLEE Frequently Asked Questions document for additional details about the approval process.