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Municipal Police Officer Certification

Individuals seeking certification must meet one of the following criteria:
New Cadet: Successfully complete a Pennsylvania basic police training course approved by the Commission.  This includes any individual granted a partial waiver of the training requirements under Act 165 (military/federal police). Individuals without previous police officer training should visit the Basic Police Officer Training page.
Returning Police Officer: Previously was a Commission-certified police officer and left this position in good standing or was previously employed as a full-time police officer in this Commonwealth before June 18, 1974, who was not required to obtain certification from the Commission, and worked as a full-time police officer for at least 5 years.  Requires proof of previous municipal police certification. 
Out of State Transfer: Previously or currently employed as a full-time police officer of another state, having met the certification standards of that state, provided the certification was based on the completion of a basic police course comparable to that required of municipal police officers in Pennsylvania.  Requires proof of employment as a police officer in another state and proof of successful completion of a qualified academy. 
Individuals who have satisfied the minimum training standards may apply to take the state certification examination by completing an application in the Training and Certification System (TACS). Failure to supply required supporting documents will result in delay/denial of your application. Select from available test dates/locations when creating the application in TACS. 
Individuals who have successfully completed the Certification Exam within the past 24 months are eligible to be certified if they are also employed by a municipal police department.  The employing police department is responsible for all certification records in TACS.  More information about the employment process and requirements is available on the Information for Police Departments page.