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Information for Police Departments

MPOETC IDENTIFICATION CARDS AND CERTIFICATION DOCUMENTS: Effective 12/31/2021, the Commission will no longer issue photo identification cards as the certification document, but will issue two (2) separate documents, to include both a certification document and a photo identification card.

A digital certification document will be issued upon initial certification and upon every recertification cycle.  The digital certification will be issued directly through the Training and Certification System (TACS) to police officers who are initially certified by the Commission and to police officers who have completed their MIST.  Officers who have not completed their MIST will not be issued a digital certification, until such training is completed. 

Beginning in 2022, a photo identification card will be issued to each currently certified officer and to each new officer upon certification and employment with a department.  Identification cards will be reissued as needed and can be requested by an individual officer or their employing department.  A $15 replacement fee will be charged for a new card, unless the original card is returned to MPOETC, in which case the fee will be waived.  Officers will be required to return identification cards to MPOETC when they are no longer employed with a department.
POLICE OFFICER CERTIFICATION: Municipal Police Officers are certified by the Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission (MPOETC) when they meet the criteria listed below. 
          • Meet Basic Training Requirements
          • Successfully complete Certification Exam
          • Meet Certification Qualifications (for employment)
          • Employed by a Police Department
Police Departments submit either a Basic Training Application or a Waiver of Training Application in TACS for each non-certified individual they employ.  As part of the employment process, the Department must verify the person meets the qualifications established in Title 37 § 203 Subchapter B.(Police Officer Certification Requirements) and submit the appropriate documents to MPOETC in TACS.  Specific employment requirements include:
MPOETC reviews and approves all applications for training as well as applications for certification (Basic/Waiver).  Once officers are certified, MPOETC monitors the qualification and training status of the officers and provides notices to departments when an officer is going to expire on a particular training/qualification requirement.  Police Departments are responsible for ensuring all officers are current and for keeping accurate records in TACS regarding employment, qualifications, and training.
Police Departments use TACS for all personnel certification actions including hiring certified officers, separating officers, and placing officers in temporary leave status.  More information about these functions is available in TACS on the HELP page.