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What is the procedure for requesting authorization to perform website updates or inquiries for my police department? 
Select Forms, then Municipal Police Document Library from the left side of the screen. The Registration and Steps for Authorization documents can be printed from the website, completed and faxed or mailed.

I received email notification that I was registered on the website. However, when trying to log in I received an error message indicating my userid is not valid. 
'After receiving confirmation of the new account, you will be able to log in on the following day. If you are not able to log in at that point, contact MPOETC.

Officer Training History Inquiry

How can I view the training history for an officer that occurred prior to 1998? 
Only training history from 1998 to the present is available on the web. Contact MPOETC to determine if prior training history is available.

When reviewing an officer’s training history, I notice there are duplicates and dates that are not accurate. How can these be corrected? 
Due to multiple sources of input for these classes and inherent inaccuracies that are found in these sources, this may occur. The primary purpose of collecting class attendance is to determine whether officers have met recertification training requirements; therefore every attempt is made to credit the officer with training. The Year Applied column is used in this recertification validation; if that is incorrect, please call MPOETC.

Officer Certification Inquiry

What does a Certification Status of 'Recertification at Risk' mean? 
The 'Officer Recertification Roster' report was returned to MPOETC indicating that the officer in question did not maintain his or her CPR, First Aid or Firearms Qualification(s). If the officer is now current with all of these qualifications, MPOETC should be contacted. Any officer who has a status of 'Recertification at Risk' when the recertification process is concluded the certification for that officer will not be renewed.

An officer in my department was hired July 12, 1998. The Officer Certification Inquiry screen says that he has a Certification Date of May 1, 1975. How is this possible? 
An officer's hire date is normally different from an officer's certification date. If the officer is employed by more than one Police Department, he would have more than one hire date, but will only have one certification date.


When I attempted to enter an Application for a Police Officer the following error message appeared: "An Officer with this Social Security Number already exists". How do I enter this application through the web? 
Only applications for officers applying for Police Officer Certification for the first time will be accepted over the Web. Applications for Police Officers who are already in MPOETC's system must be submitted following regular procedures (i.e. submitting of a paper copy application).

After entering the application what must I do to complete the Application process? 
After entering the application through the web, print the confirmation screen and mail the required documents to MPOETC. The documents that are required are based on the type of application being submitted (Basic or Full Waiver) and are listed on the application.

If I do not have all the information requested on the application for a Police Officer, can the application still be entered over the web? 
No. Before you begin to enter the application, make sure all required information is available. The application will not be accepted over the web if any of the fields that require information are left blank.

Non-MPOETC Training History

What is Non-MPOETC training history? 
Non-MPOETC training history is police related training that is not administered or sponsored by MPOETC. It is used to allow a police department authority to track any other training of officers under his or her authority. This screen offers a comprehensive ability to view, add (one class at a time), modify or delete Non-MPOETC training for an officer for which a police department authority is authorized.

Non-MPOETC Training Class Roster 
How do I capture Non-MPOETC training history?
The Non-MPOETC training class roster screen allows a police authority to add a class with a list of officers. The Non-MPOETC Training History screen offers a comprehensive ability to view, add (one class at a time), modify or delete an individual officer’s Non-MPOETC training.

There were 60 students in this Non-MPOETC training class. I am only permitted to enter 50 of them. How do I change the number of students permitted for an in-service class? 
If the number of students is greater than the number of entries available on the screen, submit a class with 50 students, then enter another class roster with the remaining 10 students.

Can I enter all attendees of the class or only those under my authority? 
You may enter any police officer whose training is tracked by MPOETC; however, after the class roster has been entered, you can view only the training history of  officers under your authority.

Using the Non-MPOETC Training Class Roster screen, I entered class attendees that are not under my authority. Can I update their training history? 
No. You may only update officers that are under your authority.