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As required by 37 Pa. Code §203.12 (3) (i) and §203.52 (b) (1) (i), the Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission is hereby publishing police firearms course requirements:

The handgun course of fire for the police firearms course that all Waiver of training applicants must successfully complete with a minimum score of 75% and all police officers must successfully complete annually in order to satisfy mandatory in-service re-certification requirements will meet the following minimum standards:

A handgun course of fire must be considered a generally accepted police qualification course consisting of at least fifty (50) rounds of duty ammunition. A minimum of ten (10%) percent of the rounds must be fired at a distance of 25 yards or greater.

The course shall include stages to determine the applicant's or officer's overall proficiency; including, but not limited to marksmanship, safety, weapon operating procedures or tactical skills (i.e., use of cover, tactical reloading), with the weapon s/he will use in the performance of their duties. Requirements for distances of firing positions are: Stages no closer than one (1) yard and at least one stage of fire from the twenty-five (25) yard line or greater distance.

Results for waiver applicants shall be reported to the Commission on the Waiver application form [SP-8 300 (9/2004)] by providing all of the information specified in Block 18. Results of the annual qualification as required by the Mandatory In-Service Training Program shall be reported on a Recertification Roster supplied by the Commission biennially, indicating if an officer has qualified on a Yes or No basis.

Qualification for other firearms, shotguns or rifles must be successfully completed on a generally accepted law enforcement qualification course for those weapons. The Commission has established that the minimum number of duty rounds used for qualification for these types of weapons is ten (10) rounds. Passing score shall be determined by the law enforcement agency.

All firearms training and qualification must be conducted by a certified police firearms instructor. The term, certified, should not be interpreted to mean that the Commission's Municipal Police Instructor (MPI) number is needed to be considered certified. The police department's instructor can use a certification from the weapon manufacturer that provided his/her firearms instructor training or a firearms instructor certification from an agency that conducts bonafide police/law enforcement firearms instructor development courses.

Chiefs of Police and firearms instructors are reminded that continuous in-service requirements still include annual qualification on a police firearms course with any firearms, shotguns, rifles authorized for use including personal weapons carried in lieu of issued weapons or as a second weapon. A weapon may not be carried on duty or readily available for duty use for which an officer is not qualified.